Desire - Sandman Finance Layer 5

"Where I touch, things want and need and love - drawn to their objects of desire like butterflies to a candle flame."

DESIRE FARM is Sandman Finance Fifth Layer farm.

If you’re looking for a safe and secure Yield Farm, NFT Profile, NFT Battles, NFT Farm, and Gambling powered by Chainlink in Polygon Network with insane APRs and a dedicated Guardian Team, who is committed to growth, then you’ve come to the right place.

Although the space is relatively new, much is expected from DeFi projects. We take safety aspects from years of learning from multiple sources. Always having as a major motivation the best gain for our community.

Among the main features of our project, we can mention:

Presale Launch

The best way to add project liquidity, and avoid Bots. The fairest of all launch strategies.

Limited Token Supply

DESIRE token has a fixed max supply of 500,000.

Anti-bots Feature

We are implementing bot detection techniques to safeguard real investors in our community.

For extra info, please check here.


We took farms and went one step further to help the community achieve higher profits where they perform auto-compounding without the need for investor interaction

Desire Kingdoms

The Desire Kingdom is a feature that rewards our community for holding the $DESIRE token.

  • Remove harvest lockup playing price prediction game (MATIC/USD)

  • Boost your rewards using your NFT Card

  • Oracle & VFR Random powered by CHAINLINK


For those who want the classic way to farm their coins, you can do it in this project.


Same as the comic, Sandman Finance will have 7 layers. Those will be released over time after farming starts. More info to come.

NFT Sales

We'll host a NFT Generation #3 Sale on this layer. More info please check here:

pageHow to Get NFT Cards

NFT Merge

If you have several cards of the same generation, you’ll be able to merge into a powerful one.

pageNFT Merge

In our Desire Kingdom, you can unlock harvest earlier by guessing correctly on Matic Price behavior.

Security​ as the main concern

Your trust and peace of mind are critical to us: DESIRE Farm has been built ground-up with security in mind.

  • We took best practices from different projects. Then our dev team mixed and improved getting one of the most optimized codes up-to-date.

  • Our base code has been audited numerous times. We’re using the most secure, audited, and battle-tested code, to better protect your funds.

  • Migrator functions have been removed: no rug-pulls here!

  • We have implemented Open Zepellin Defender as our main DevOps platform.

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